4 Reasons Bamboo Furniture Might be Perfect for Your Café

If you're looking for café furniture, you'll have swiftly noticed that there are plenty of options to consider. However, you might not have yet considered bamboo. This is still a relatively novel material for constructing modern furniture, but it comes with a whole heap of benefits that make it ideal for the modern café. Here are just four.

1. It's Unique and Charming

It doesn't matter how mouth-watering your brownies or how delicious your coffee, a café is ultimately going to live or die by its appearance. People want to sip their drink and chat with friends in a space that feels inviting and well-designed, and bamboo can help you achieve that appearance. It possesses a rich warmth that cannot be equalled by metal or plastic, yet it delivers a unique look that helps it stand out from other types of wood.

2. It's Enormously Eco-Friendly

Most cafes across the world are becoming increasingly concerned with their environmental credentials, with fair-trade coffee beans and local ingredients used wherever possible. The furniture you pick is going to have a significant impact on environmental-friendliness, and it pays to pick bamboo. Unlike trees, which can take 30-50 years to fully mature, bamboo is actually a grass, and it can grow up to 10 centimetres per day. This makes it a sustainable resource, and it even produces 35% more oxygen than a comparably-sized group of trees.

3. It's Surprisingly Durable

The fact that bamboo is actually a grass might make you a little worried about its durability, but bamboo is incredibly strong, resisting scratches and dents with ease. This is why it has been used for thousands of years to make huts, and it's also why it's becoming an increasingly popular material for modern furniture and flooring. As well as being able to absorb a great deal of blunt force, bamboo is not affected by moisture or dryness, so it can remain looking its best despite the weather. It even resists termites since it isn't a wood. If you notice a customer has spilled water on the surface, there's no need to worry; if you want to put some tables and chairs outside under the rays of the hot Australian sun, you can do so without issue.

4. It's Extremely Easy to Move

When you're choosing furniture for a residential setting, portability isn't much of a factor. After all, most people don't move around their tables and chairs too often. As a café owner, you'll know that things are different in a commercial environment. To start with, you'll need to move around and possibly stack your tables and chairs each day in order to clean up the mess left over from all your patrons. Even more importantly, you'll probably want to change the seating arrangements just to change things up, and customers will tend to move around tables and chairs to suit their own needs. Bamboo furniture provides a solid appearance, but it's actually very light, so such tasks will be easy.