4 Reasons Bamboo Furniture Might be Perfect for Your Café

If you're looking for café furniture, you'll have swiftly noticed that there are plenty of options to consider. However, you might not have yet considered bamboo. This is still a relatively novel material for constructing modern furniture, but it comes with a whole heap of benefits that make it ideal for the modern café. Here are just four. 1. It's Unique and Charming It doesn't matter how mouth-watering your brownies or how delicious your coffee, a café is ultimately going to live or die by its appearance. Read More 

Three Key Considerations When Buying Custom Furniture

The increasing availability and affordability of custom and designer furniture has brought a whole new world of luxury into the living space of families across the globe. No longer is the budget option necessary with things like interest-free periods, payment plans, and varying levels of customisation all playing into the hands of potential customers everywhere. When you've made the decision to invest a lot of your hard-earned money into a comfortable lounge-room suite or a new bedroom suite, there's a trio of key considerations that you should take into account before you make the first payment. Read More 

Getting a Daybed? Make Sure You Select the Right Mattress

While normal beds are designed chiefly for sleeping, daybeds are designed to be used for sitting or general lounging around. Daybeds are usually placed in areas where you entertain, such as the living room, and use a metal or wooden frame with one side open. They look like a cross between a bed and a sofa, which is essentially what they are. You can use a daybed for chilling out during the day, then you can remove the pillows at the back to make it into a bed for anyone who wants to stay over. Read More 

The Care & Maintenance of Canvas Canopies

Canvas is indisputably the best material for your trailer canopy and other protective camping coverings. Unlike cheaper substitutes, it's long-lasting, naturally waterproof and doesn't degrade--but it does need a little TLC if you want it to stay in tip-top condition. This is true of all canvas, of course, but it's particularly true for a canvas trailer canopy. Unlike tents and awnings, most trailer canopies will be sat out in your drive exposed to the elements 24/7, all year round. Read More