4 Reasons why you Should Consider Custom Kitchen Cabinets

There are hundreds of cabinet designs in the market if not thousands. When looking to outfit your kitchen, these options can be overwhelming. The perfect cabinet for your kitchen should utilise a combination of shape, style and size. Getting one that incorporates these three factors to suit your needs may be tricky.  However, you can always contact a professional cabinet maker to build the ideal cabinet for you. Read on to discover why you would rather have a custom kitchen cabinet. Read More 

A Simple DIY Guide on Oiling Your Teak Furniture

The popularity of teak in the manufacture of furniture can be attributed to its visual appeal and durability. The surface of the wood has a golden brown appearance which is ideal for both modern and traditional style homes. The material is naturally dense and resistant to weather damage, so you can place the furniture indoors or outdoors. On the other hand, teak furniture requires regular cleaning and oiling as part of routine maintenance. Read More