4 Reasons why you Should Consider Custom Kitchen Cabinets

There are hundreds of cabinet designs in the market if not thousands. When looking to outfit your kitchen, these options can be overwhelming. The perfect cabinet for your kitchen should utilise a combination of shape, style and size. Getting one that incorporates these three factors to suit your needs may be tricky.  However, you can always contact a professional cabinet maker to build the ideal cabinet for you. Read on to discover why you would rather have a custom kitchen cabinet.

Personal Selection

Custom cabinetry is coveted by many as they are built with your needs in mind. A cabinet maker puts into consideration your design preferences, lifestyle, storage inclinations, cooking habits, and the kitchen shape. You also have unlimited options for the wood, hardware and the finish you desire. All these factors are predefined when it comes to semi-custom or stock cabinets.

Quality Workmanship

There's a major disparity between the quality of a custom built cabinet and a stock one. First, your custom cabinet is hand-made by a skilled cabinet maker with high-quality materials as opposed to stock cabinets which are mass produced. Although you may part with more money for the top-notch craftsmanship, it will be a worthy investment.

Limitless storage space 

Every inch of space in your kitchen counts. Sadly, some kitchens don't fully utilise their space due to the limitations by stock cabinets. A cabinet maker will customise a cabinet that will fit in your kitchen perfectly without leaving out any space. This will not only add to your storage but also improve the design.

Cabinet makers can also incorporate some specialised slides, hinges, hardware and drawers that may lack in a stock cabinet. For instance, if you wanted to access your toaster faster, yet you want it hidden when not in use, you could have the cabinet maker build a cabinet with bi-fold hinges which will allow the doors to be tucked away when an appliance is not in use.

Environmentally Friendly

Wood is not only appealing to the eye; it is renewable, recyclable, non-toxic and biodegradable. Choosing to work with a custom cabinet maker gives you a voice in the choice of materials used.  However, with ready-made cabinets, the sourcing of building materials is left to chance. You can opt to use salvaged or reclaimed wood which is more environmentally friendly options. 

With custom cabinets, the options are endless, and the only thing to limit you is your imagination. Regardless of your height, house design, room colour, shape, size or personal preference, a custom cabinet will merge them perfectly.