Couples: Here’s how to arrange your new bedroom

Are you planning on moving in with your significant other? In addition to finding a place that suits both your needs and deciding on how you will split the bills, arranging your new bedroom will be one of the biggest tasks you will have to sort out. You may both have individual tastes and preferences, and finding a common ground may be quite challenging. It is not uncommon for couples to disagree as to where the bed will go, which types of furniture to include in the space and other factors such as stylistic considerations (colour, furniture design, texture, etc.).

The key to setting up your new bedroom is to work in a strategic manner and to consult each other along every step of the way. This piece will walk you through how you can get things started.

Your bed is the centrepiece

After moving into your new home together, you will most likely have piles of stuff lying everywhere in the bedroom. You and your partner should start off with deciding where the bed will go. For most master bedrooms, making the bed the centre of attention adds an element of comfort and excitement to the entire room.

If you're shopping for a new bed, select a headboard that draws attention to the space and speaks to your specific tastes. In addition, it is a good idea to keep the bed low and inviting, especially in smaller rooms. Opt for low poster-type beds with no expansive footboards.

Arranging the clothes

As a couple, you will have twice or even three times as many clothes as you had when living alone. This can make it a nightmare to keep the clothes neatly arranged in the room. You should sit down with your partner and determine how much space is available for each of you.

Next, identify what types of furniture you will need to keep all your clothes arranged. For example, a chest of drawers may come in handy to complement an undersized closet in the room. You can both have your own chest of drawers arranged on either side of the bed. Another idea is to add extra shelving to the closet in order to fit in extra clothes. Make sure you also get a shoe rack for keeping your extra shoes in the bedroom.

Nightstands and lighting

In addition to overhead lights, adding a lamp on top of a nightstand is an excellent way of varying the mood of the room as necessary. Select a stylish lamp with a dim light and customisable colours. A nightstand is also convenient for placing personal items such as mobile phones, wallets and keys.