4 Hot Vinyl Floor Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

When building your home, the choice of flooring should complement your lifestyle as well as the design of the house. Since floors are difficult to change once installed, it is critical to choose a flooring system that is durable. Vinyl flooring is increasingly becoming a mainstay among homeowners because of the floor type's visual beauty and unrivalled durability. However, vinyl flooring trends are continually changing despite the excellent features indicated above. Therefore, you must pick a vinyl floor that will stay trendy for many years. This article highlights some of the hottest vinyl flooring trends for 2019.

Luxury Vinyl Tile — The trend has been around for a couple of years now, and it's not showing signs of slowing down in the popularity department. The popularity of luxury vinyl tiles with homeowners can be drawn from the realistic visuals that characterise the tiles. Notably, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) manufacturers are using technology to produce tiles that mimic stone, wooden, and metallic looks including a range of other natural materials. Furthermore, LVT is water-resistant, which makes it easy to clean. Therefore, luxury vinyl tiles should be your number one flooring choice if you have an expansive floor and don't want to spend a lot of time and resources to clean the floor.

Groutable Vinyl — Over the years, the competition between porcelain, ceramic and vinyl tiles has tightened. During the early periods of the competition, porcelain and ceramic tiles did well at the expense of vinyl tiles. It can primarily be attributed to the latter's reputation as a durable and quality flooring system. However, all this is changing as vinyl tile technology continues to advance. Not only can you get vinyl tiles that mimic natural materials such as stones and metals, but you can also buy groutable vinyl tiles. While groutable vinyl tiles are just as durable and of as high a quality as porcelain and ceramic tiles, they have the added advantage of being warmer and more resilient.

High Colour Variation Vinyl — Going into 2019, vinyl flooring will feature colour variations on different planks of the same floor. Therefore, you can get a flooring solution that has lots of dimension, character and excitement. Consequently, the trend will transform your floor into a statement piece. If you are a fan of a natural rustic look, then high colour variation vinyl is the best choice for your flooring needs. Additionally, if you are looking for ultra-modern futuristic vinyl flooring, then choose high colour variation vinyl tiles. The best part is that high colour variation vinyl pairs work the best with contemporary décor.