Some Beneifts of an Electric Adjustable Bed

An electric adjustable bed allows different parts of the bed to be raised or lowered by electric motors, so you can put the bed into a number of different sleeping positions. Here are some of the reasons why you might want such a bed.

Better sleep

Firstly, the fact that the bed can easily be put into different positions can make it much easier to sleep. You can arrange your bed to be in the right position and will be as comfortable as possible during the night. And if you wake up wanting to change the shape of the bed, you can easily do so.

Stop snoring

You can also improve the quality of your sleep by adjusting the bed to stop you snoring — or to stop your partner! By raising the top half of the bed you will stop the soft tissues of the throat from sagging and partially blocking your airways. This can also help with sleep apnoea and asthma, as the airflow will be clearer and fresh oxygen will be able to circulate through the lungs. Sleeping on your back can make all these problems worse, so an electric adjustable bed can be a great help in keeping the noise down and contributing to a good night's sleep.

Pain relief

A third way in which an adjustable bed can help is pain relief. If you have problems with back or joint pain, or with sciatica or arthritis, your sleeping position can have a vast effect on your wellbeing. The base of the bed can be adjusted to match the shape of the body so there is no undue pressure on the spine or neck. You can also alter your sleeping position to take the pressure off any swollen or aching joints or other painful parts of the body, allowing them to rest and recover naturally.


Finally, an electric adjustable bed can be an enormous benefit to people with mobility problems. Being able to raise the head of the bed can make it easier to get in and out of bed, and the fact that you can control the bed at the touch of the button means you will be less dependent on other people.

An electric adjustable bed is an easy way to get a more comfortable night's sleep. Just talk to an adjustable electric bed supplier to find out more about the benefits of such a bed.